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Exploring the joy of living in relentless pursuit of meaning and connection.

Join me as I seek to discover a better way of living through empathy, vulnerability, kindness, and service to others.


Thinking Traps: Recognize and Defeat Your Mind’s Pitfalls

Thinking traps are like sneaky roadblocks that catch us off guard. Recognize them and learn to break free.

Explanatory Styles: How to Escape Your Pessimistic Ruts

A framework to help you see life in a new light and be a game-changer for your emotional well-being.

Love, Connection and The Power of Active Constructive Responding

When we truly share in someone's joys or sorrows, we're saying, "I'm here with you. I care about you."

My Journey into Vulnerability: The Prerequisite for Self-Awareness

Allow yourself to be vulnerable. It's not weakness; it's the strength required to see ourselves as we truly are.